10 Sizzling Trends in Freelance Writing That Can Help You Earn More

As you know if you’re a regular reader, every Monday we post fresh job leads for freelance writers. I spend hours scanning tons of sites looking for these leads. It’s quite educational in that it clues me in into what’s happening in freelance writing – everything from what skills are in demand to what’s happening with rates.

More Than Job Freelance Job Leads

At the beginning of some of the posts with lists the job leads, I post observations that stick out to me as I scour the web each week looking at hundreds of job ads. So for this week’s post, I thought I’d compile them so you can see what the trends are in freelance writing – which can help you focus your efforts better so you earn more.

So, here goes …

(1) Freelance (online) writing rates are increasing

The rates on many of the jobs are much higher than they used to be when I first started out in SEO writing in 2007. I don’t see nearly as many of the, for example, $5 for 500-word article writing jobs as I used to see.

10 Hot Trends in Freelance Writing in 2014 that Can Help You Earn MoreWhat I AM seeing is a lot more $30, $75 and $100 per article/post rates. In fact, $30 for a 300-500-word post seems to be somewhat of a norm now. When I first started, I charged $25 per 500-word post – and that was seen as high then.

Note: While article and blog-posting rates are up, so are the number of words required. See the first job listed in this post as an example.

(2) Long-term assignments becoming more prevalent

More and more companies are be looking for writers/bloggers to “take over” their blogs (ie, become long-term ghost bloggers). Why?

As I pointed out in the 11/25/2013 weekly job leads post, in case you didn’t know, time is the number one reason many companies say that they don’t do things like blogging (aka content marketing) and social media CONSISTENTLY; hence the need for freelance writers to take over and be their voice on the web.

(3) The need for online writers who know SEO is growing

The fact is, the bulk of online writing jobs require you to have this skill now. You don’t have to be an expert or guru, but you must know the fundamentals of search engine optimization to write effective web copy.

This means knowing how to do keyword research, and what phrases one-way backlinks, keyword stuffing and anchor text means.

(4) More companies are hiring FT and PT freelancers/telecommuters and giving them “employee-like” benefits

For example, see the following lead from the 10/7/2013 week of job listings.

Freelance Social Media Copywriter (Parsippany, NJ): Our focus in the hospitality industry for social media and reputation management calls for a customer service minded individual with strengths in writing, marketing, internet search & optimization. We need a team player, an independent support person to be part of our social media marketing division. You must love to write, manage multiple tasks and thrive in a fast paced, detail oriented environment. You will be a key member of managing accounts and supporting social media marketing initiatives. Pay: $$22,000 – $25,000 per year PLUS annual bonus. Get full details on this social media writing job.

(5) New media economy keeps creating new types of writing jobs

We live in a world driven by “new media” (eg, mobile technology, social media, search engine optimization, etc.)world. I mean, 10 years ago, titles like “Social Media Writer” and “Mobile App Writer” weren’t even a part of our vernacular. Now, they’re common place.

Another new title I ran across in this past Monday’s job ad hunt was Infographics Writer.

What is an infographics writer?

This type of writing job is so new that I couldn’t even find a Wiki page for it! You can glean what it entails though from a class given at Berkeley (yep, there’s an infographics writing class), which describes this type of writing in the following manner:

The first step in the process before the infographic design begins involves data research and development of the narrative. Writing for the Infographic is a two-day, hands-on workshop focused on data sourcing and validation; to scripting a clear narrative that communicates complex information with purpose. Participants will learn to create a clearer, more meaningful picture of complex information and data, to tell the story before it is passed on to a graphic designer to become an infographic.

New media … the niche that keeps on giving (providing jobs for freelance writers).

(6) Ebook writing jobs, guidebook writing jobs, ghostwriting growing jobs growing

This is no surprise, with the rise in self-publishing. Why/how? Because many realize the profitability of self-publishing now, so they hire freelancers to ghostwrite material for them to sell.

My writing company has ghostwritten three ebooks for clients in the past 8 months or so alone. FYI, you’ll find these jobs listed under titles like guide writers, ebook writers, ghostwriters, etc.

(7) Opportunities for bloggers expanding

Lots of companies are willing to pay those with established blogs to write about/promote their blogs/services.

Also, even freelance writers and bloggers without established blogs are being hired to produce some type of constant content and promote it across the web. For more on this, see the “Opportunities for Blog Owners” section at the end of this week’s job listings.

(8) Self-publishing has spawned a cottage industry of need for editorial professionals

These type of publishers need all kinds of help from freelancers, eg:



Graphic design (ebook covers / website and blog design)

Ghost bloggers

Press release writers

Ebook reviewers

Social media writers/account managers


I know this from personal experience. As a self-published author of over 50 ebooks, I’ve hired proofreaders, editors, cover art makers and blog designers.

(9) The need for social media writers is increasing

Social media is playing a bigger and bigger part in what companies want, ie, write it THEN promote it via social media. So many opportunities out there these days.

When you consider how popular social media is, it’s no wonder. The Fast Company article 10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy, proves just how explosive the growth of social media is. The stat that stood out to me was the following:

Social Media has overtaken porn as the No. 1 activity on the web

… Apparently it’s the most common thing we do online. … It’s clearly not a fad, or a phase. It continues to grow as a habit, and new platforms continue to appear and develop.

Rethink it: Putting time and effort into your social media strategy clearly makes sense in light of these stats. If you weren’t already serious about social media, you might want to give it a bit more of your time now.

When something surpasses porn, trrruuusssstttt me, business are taking note.

(10) Every niche seeking writers

The sheer variety of writing and blogging jobs out there is mind boggling – every type of business from dating sites to home décor blogs to lawn care newsletters to cooking portals.

Even tiny niches like a blender manufacturer are hiring freelance writers to produce copy, as evidenced in this weekly list of job leads. And it’s because content marketing is where the returns are in internet marketing these days. Proof?

A Curata study shows that 71 percent of marketers plan to boost their content marketing budget this year. Meanwhile, 39 percent of marketers will up their investment in content curation.

It makes sense. Content marketing seems to be working. The study shows that 85 percent of companies saw “an increase in awareness” that they attribute to their content marketing efforts. Content marketing is also bringing in tangible ROI. Of the 500 marketing professionals surveyed, 62 percent said content marketing leads to a bump in the quality and quantity of leads. [Source: Survey: Content marketing budgets on the rise]

This means more freelance writing opportunities than ever.

Share Your Thoughts

What hot trends in freelance writing would you add to this list / have you seen in your business? Please share in the comments section below.

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    1. sasirekha says:

      Hello Yuwanda,
      That was an informative post and i have an idea to work as Freelancer,but i didnt get a proper guidelines.This post give me a alot of tips.Thanks to share…

    2. I do something similar most days, and I’m happy to say I’ve noticed the same thing about low-end rates. They’re still low, but they are getting so much better than they were just a few years ago!
      Jennifer Mattern recently posted…Be a Book Marketing Hero. Stop Social Media Spam.My Profile

      • It’s taken a while, but they’re definitely rising Jen, no? Thank goodness for the explosion of content marketing, which can be credited for a lot of the progress we see being made in the freelance writing arena IMO.

        Have a good weekend.

        • I’m not too sure about the low rates… I just got an offer yesterday to write 500 word medical blog posts for $4 a piece… But you are right about one thing — you do get what you search for. So I choose to put my thoughts on those who are willing to pay my rates rather than cry about those who won’t. Positivity helps you to be more creative in your marketing strategy.
          Halona Black recently posted…How to Internationalize Your Health Content Marketing StrategyMy Profile

          • There will always be those who low ball Halona, so you did the right thing — instead of get mad, just focus on those who can pay instead of focusing on the cheapskates.

            As an aside, I’d be curious to know what type of medical site is paying $4 for blog posts. Wouldn’t be trusting anything I read there, that’s for sure!


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