Social Bookmarking Software & 9 Money-Making Conclusions from Freelance Writer’s Technology Month

Following is a two-part post. As I haven’t posted since Tuesday (have been working on getting two new websites up), I had two more posts left in the Freelance Writer’s Technology Month series.

I have to wrap it up because tomorrow is December 1st (where has the time gone!). …

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SEO Tips: The Basics of How to Optimize Your Website to Get More Traffic

One of the things I’ve learned in my research for Freelance Writer’s Technology Month is how important search engine optimization is. One extremely valuable lesson I’m taking away from all of my research is how to optimize my website to get more traffic….

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SEO Copywriting: 5 Ways to Get a Job Writing SEO Articles

In yesterday’s post, Post #6 of Freelance Writer’s Technology Month, we discussed 4 controversial ways to drive more traffic to your website/blog. Almost any type of traffic generation for websites and blogs begins with content. It truly is the “golden egg” if you want to make money online. And, there’s a lot of money to be made as a content developer/SEO article writer (I know, it’s what I’ve been transitioning into lately)….

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SEO Content Writing: How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website

In yesterday’s post, The 4 Fundamentals of Making Money Online, we laid out the big picture of how to make money online. The first of these fundamentals was content. …

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