Self-Publishing: Why You Don’t Want Your Book to Become a Best-Seller … At Least Not Right Away

I’ve been doing a lot of guest blogging to promote The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guidebook, my book that was published by Adams Media on the 2nd of this month. Last Monday, a guest post I did for Build Your Brand Academy, a blog that teaches authors how to do their own publicity, entitled “Authors: How to Effectively Brand Yourself With Content Marketing, was published.

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Book Marketing: What Traditional Publishers Expect from Authors Beyond Writing the Book

Getting a book contract is exciting beyond belief. I finally got a hard copy of the book. I said to my sister  one morning as I stuffed a copy into envelopes to mail off to those who contributed:

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Self-Publishing Insight: Which Earns You More – Fiction or Non-Fiction?

Bestselling Fiction Pays Better than Bestselling Non-Fiction

J.K. Rowling was the first billionaire author, not Tina Fey, and James Patterson sells more copies of his books than Tim Ferriss does (about 200 times more). In the end, top tier fiction authors make more than top tier non-fiction authors. (Not that it’s likely I’ll experience this first hand. You might though!)

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How to Land a Traditional Publishing Contract as a Freelance Writer: 5 Keys

If you’re a regular InkwellEditorial.com reader, you know that I landed a contract to write a book for a trade publisher this past December. Since I announced it, I’ve had emails from several freelancers asking me how I did it.

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Writing a Book: 11 Lessons I Learned as a Self-Published Author Writing for a Traditional Trade Publisher

Yesterday, I completed the book I was contracted to write by a trade publisher back in December. It turned out to be almost 70,000 words in about five weeks. I still have some work to do, eg, working with the development editor (yeah, another editor) to get the manuscript to where they want it to be, but the brain dump of writing has been done – almost two and a half weeks early.

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How to Make Money Writing Romance: Earn Up to $2,000 Per Month (Or More!) Self-Publishing Short Romance Novels

Author Note

A lot has changed in self-publishing since this book was written in 2014. There’s still good money to be made — especially in writing romance, because it’s the most popular genre of all time. But, how to go about it has changed.

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Draft2Digital: How Easy/Hard Is It to Self-Publish with Them — and Should You?

In order to sell more ebooks, it’s been on my radar to broaden the outlets I self-publish via for a while now. Since I started writing and self-publishing my own ebooks, I’ve mainly stuck with a few outlets, namely: Amazon, Barnes & Noble and (the now-defunct) All Romance Ebooks (for my romance novels).

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Self-Published Authors: How to Deal with Bad Book Reviews – 6 Tips

I’ve written and self-published over 75 ebooks – fiction (mostly romance) and non-fiction (on/about freelance writing and a few complementary niches). Since 2010, over half my annual income has come from these books; these days, much more than half. …

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How to Balance a Freelance Writing Career with Your Self-Publishing Aspirations (Yes, It Can Be Done!)

Back in 2011 – sweet Jesus I can’t believe it’s been that long! – I wrote a post entitled “Freelance Writers — How I Do It All: Publish My Own Ebooks, Market for Freelance Writing Jobs, Write for Clients and Still Have a Life!

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Self-Publishing Profits: Where Most of My Ebook Sales Come From

I reached a milestone selling ebooks on BarnesandNoble.com. Last month, for the first time ever, I sold 100 ebooks (101 to be exact; see graphic below — click for larger view). They were all romance novels.

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Writing Romance: How Often Should You Publish to Make a Full-Time Living?

Even though I’m a freelance writer of business content primarily, I started writing and self-publishing romance novellas in the spring of 2013 (really 2014 as I only published one romance novel in 2013; in 2014, I published over 20). Read why here. And I have to say, I’d read over and over where established author said you had to publish frequently to keep selling, but I didn’t realize how frequently.

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How to Self-Publish Your EBook for $0 (Yes You Read Right – Zero Dollars!): SEMINAR

8/10/2015 UPDATE: This Event Has Been Cancelled. Why?

There hasn’t been sufficient interest to offset the cost of me travelling back to the states (I currently reside in Jamaica) to put it on.

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