Blog Marketing: 7 Tips to Get More Weekend Traffic for Your Blog

This post was updated (a bit) on 5/4/2012.

Conventional wisdom is that blogging on the weekend is not a good idea simply because there is less Internet traffic. However, can you use weekend blogging to increase your traffic and make more money? …

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How Often Should You Update Your Site to Rank Well in Search Engines?

Have a freelance writing website that’s not generating any business? If you are a freelance writer and you are trying to monetize your site, eg,  sell an ebook, a seminar, etc. ranking well in the search engines is key. As a freelance writer, you probably have limited time and practically no budget. One of the things you can  do for free to generate traffic is update your website blog. But, how often? …

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Freelance Writers: How to Use Technology to Make Real Money Online

[Want to start a successful career as a freelance writer?]

I’ve dubbed November Freelance Writer Technology Month. What’s this all about? …

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