Registering a Domain Name? Why You Should NEVER Do It with Your Web Hosting Company

As a freelance writer and/or affiliate marketer, your domain name is one of your most important assets. Hence, how and who to register it with shouldn’t be taken lightly. There are two ways to register a domain name – with your web hosting company, or independently of it. 

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How I Earned $1,100 in 36 Hours: Why Knowing How to Write SEO Content Pays

If you’ve hung around this site for a while, you know that I relaunched it in November with a new mission, which is to help freelance writers make money writing … whether it’s for themselves (eg, self-publishing their own line of ebooks), or for others (eg, freelance clients)….

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$11,253: That’s How Much This Freelance Writer Netted in One Month – Here’s How She Did It

Last month, I revealed the new design of this site, along with its new mission, which is to make money writing … for yourself and for others. …

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