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Freelance Writers: Are You Living the Life You Really, Really Want? If Not, Here’s How to Start Doing So

Last Friday, Inkwell Editorial’s first ebook writing and publishing tournament concluded. It was supposed to be a one-time thing, but was so successful that it’s going to be an ongoing part of our service offering.

Note: Get details on next month’s ebook writing and publishing tournament.

So, you may be wondering, what does this have to do with developing a life plan? Well, some of the insights I gleaned from the tournament go hand-in-hand with this topic, which I’d planned to write on before I ever came up with the idea for the tournament.

Following are some of these observations.

Freelance Writers: 4 Lessons to Learn to Live the Life You Really Want

murphys-lawI. Life will always offer you excuses: It happened during the tournament – a lot. Comments like the following highlight how Murphy’s Law is always at work in life. A couple of participants wrote in the following:

Man it seems like as soon as your tourney started Clients started calling.  I have cancelled all non essential activities. I am determined to complete this task successfully,”


I’m thinking we should do this every month . . . everyone seems to have received more work as soon as they started to plan their ebook!

You can spend years giving in to life happenings like this – years that take you further away from your goal, not towards it. But, if you’re really serious about your dream, you have to make time for it.

I look at it like this, the Power Superior (God, Buddah, Allah, etc.) challenging you to see if you’re willing to sacrifice for it. So that’s why, in my opinion, as soon as you set your mind on a goal it seems that roadblocks are thrown in your way.

Life Lesson to be Learned in Order to Live the Life You Want: Go over, under and around the roadblocks thrown your way. Stay focused on your goal.  

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Thank You for Registering for the Ebook Writing & Publishing Tournament

Thank you for participating in Inkwell Editorial’s upcoming ebook writing and publishing tournament.

On Day 1 of the tournament, you will receive a welcome email along with course lessons and instructions for the duration of the course.

There’s nothing else you need to do now, except start thinking about your ebook’s topic — and start relishing the fact that you will be a published author soon!

These will be long days, but they will be rewarding ones — ones that will get you on the way to living the life you really want. I promise.

Yuwanda Black, Tourney Moderator, Administrator & Your #1 Cheerleader

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Inkwell Editorial’s Ebook Writing and Publishing Tournament

Last Friday, the first ebook writing and publishing tournament concluded. This was an idea I came up with that was going to be just a one-time thing. I’d fielded a few questions about how to write books, how I’m able to produce so many, etc., that I wanted to prove to others how easy it was to do so.

The goal of the tournament was to write an ebook in three days, market it and start getting sales within a week. Thirty-two (32) enrollees participated – and 9 of them finished their ebooks in this time period. A couple even finished writing two! Four got sales; three sold multiple copies (one sold 12 copies in 12 hours). See full results of this ebook publishing tourney.

Unsolicited Ebook Writing Class Testimonial

The ebook I wrote for the tourney is still selling well. Thanks to your tournament I’ve hit the jackpot. Funny how it turns out isn’t it? I can spend weeks working on a book and it sells ok, and then I rush to do one in 3 days and it’s turning out to be one of my best selling ebooks (if it keeps going) and apart from when I was actually doing the tourney and trying to get a sale quickly, I haven’t marketed it at all.~Tourney Participant #32

Get full ebook writing class details.

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Thank You for Registering for the Article Marketing Bootcamp

Thank you for participating in Inkwell Editorial’s upcoming article marketing bootcamp.

On Day 1, you will receive a welcome email along with course lessons and instructions for the duration of the bootcamp.

There’s nothing else you need to do now, except get your fingers ready to bang out 30 articles in four days — and start relishing the ebook sales to follow!

These will be long days, but they should pay off handsomely in ebook sales.

Yuwanda Black, Article Marketing Expert

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Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 11 of 11

Well, we finally come to the end of this journey. You all have rocked this tourney! I mean, truly, I had no idea how dedicated, hardworking and seriously you all would take this – especially as it wasn’t even a “formal” class or anything….

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Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 10 of 11


Two more of the participants in this ebook writing and publishing tournament have made sales – one has made 12 (yes, 12!) in a 12-hour period. Remember, 99% of these participants had never written an ebook before. They’d always wanted to, but just never did, for a myriad of reasons.

To date, I’ve written close to 20 ebooks, and as I tell people all the time who think that you need some type of training, skills, special know how, etc., you don’t. All you need is the discipline to get it done, as the writer who sold 12 ebooks in 12 hours has proven. She wrote:

ka-chingSell Ebooks Online: New Writer Sells 12 Ebook in 12 Hours!

Second Correspondence from Participant EbookTourney32 (Thu 10/21/10 9:07 PM)

Hi Yuwanda

Here’s an update from my email last night.

I was excited last night because I made 2 sales in 2 hours. Then I logged off at about 8.15pm. This morning I checked my email again at 6.30am (I couldn’t wait any longer) and I’d made 10 more sales.

That’s 12 sales in 12 hours. I’ve never had so many sales in such a short amount of time before. Usually I work slowing and painstakingly over everything.

But because of the tight schedule of the ebook tourney, I had to work like a ‘son of a gun’ so I mostly wrote on the fly and just kept going. Even my sales page was just a quick few words typed onto a web page template and uploaded quickly.

I am amazed. And someone who bought my ebook emailed me soon afterwards and said

“Right now I’m in the process of …., but come the new year, the only projects I have planned are a couple of …., hardly a year’s worth of stuff.

This will be the perfect thing for me to do because I want to put my writing first and internet marketing second instead of the other way around, which is what I’ve been doing.

You’re making it possible for me to do that. Thank you.”

Just so you understand what she meant, my ebook is called “The 12 Month Writing Challenge” with a subtitle of “One Whole Year of Writing Consistently and Earning Over $36,000” (like I said, I wrote it quickly so hence the corny subtitle).

Honest, Yuwanda, It’s been a hard slog for us all to get so much done in so little time, but you have also had to deal with organizing and updating the whole thing as well. You have always said you are a hard worker and I can really believe it now (not that I didn’t before). And the comment you made on yesterday’s update on Day 9 about sometimes you don’t get up to pee for hours because you’re too busy writing and you’re really on a roll, I do that too sometimes. I always thought I was the only one…till now.

All the best

My comment: That is fantabulous! When I started this tourney, I never dreamed that I would have such a devoted, hardworking group. And, as you state, hard work is everything. I write about living in the paradise that is Jamaica, travelling at will and how much I enjoy being in charge of my own fate a lot.

I assume that people know that it’s because I work hard that I’m able to do this. I take it for granted that they do, but I’m glad that you point out that it IS hard work, BUT that it pays off as well – as your success in this tournament illustrates beautifully.

So congratulations again to you; sure for the sales, but that’s almost secondary. What I really want to congratulate you on is taking the bull by the horn, hunkering down and doing what it takes to see the process through to completion. The sales are just a by product of your hard work.

First Correspondence (Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:56 PM)

Hi Yuwanda

I’ve been really busy today making my ebook into a PDF file, creating a cover, finishing the sales page and download page, uploading everything, writing doing some marketing and emailing the subscribers from one of my lists.

And I’ve made 2 sales in 2 hours. I hope the momentum of sales can keep up for a few days. Wouldn’t that be great?

But anyway. I don’t care. I’ve finished the tournament and made a couple of sales. I couldn’t be happier right now.

I want to thank you for doing this ebook tournament. I wouldn’t have worked so hard or so quickly if it wasn’t for you. And it’s been fun, especially reading how everyone else is doing and all the trials and hassles along the way.

And everyone has been so happy about what they were doing. It was all such a pleasure.

I’ll let you know how many sales I get before midnight on the 22nd (assuming that is when it ends – and assuming I sell more copies of my ebook). Hopefully we’ll all do well.

Thanks so much again.

Note: Learn what this ebook writing tournament is all about and read all posts in this series.

Here’s what the rest of you had to say today:


ebookFrom Participant EbookTourney9

I did a vanishing act as I thought seeing as I didn’t end up with an ebook but rather the beginnings of a course I wasn’t in the running.

But just to say I’ve been so inspired but what everyone has gotten up to, crikey! And bummed I didn’t end up with an ebook and a ka-ching. But I bought my domain, got a WordPress site up and fiddled a bit with the design, started posting, got the email subscription set up for those interested in hearing about the soon to be launched course, and hopefully will be selling the course starting next week (admittedly like you started adding, I just keep thinking of stuff…!) and then doing my marketing drive.

It’s been an amazing push and I’m greatly inspired to now get more into ebooks and on line selling and article marketing. This print journalist and blogger can’t believe she didn’t put the pieces together sooner on what she could be doing online!!  

I found the marketing advice you shared stupendous, so if those pages are anything to go by you’ve created a truly brilliant resource and I hope that you are going to affiliate the product.  And when are you writing the ebook on how to write, promote, sell and manage an online course then?! 

My comment: The fact that this tourney made you get going on your project is a victory in and of itself – IF you finish it. This is the one thing I worry about with those who start during this process, but don’t finish.

Many have said it’s becaue of the tournament that they FINALLY hunkered down and did what they need to do. Don’t lose this steam just because the tournament is coming to an end. Use it to spur you own.

Bookmark the pages; come back to them – as if the tourney were still in progress – to inspire you if you need to. But please, don’t stop. You OWE this journey to yourself.

As for your statement, “This print journalist and blogger can’t believe she didn’t put the pieces together sooner on what she could be doing online!!

I have eureka moments all the time, and I’ve been making money online since 2002 in one form or another. I think you can get so boxed in on keeping your head above water day in and day out, that it’s hard to see the opportunities around you. Just be grateful that you finally saw the light – and can now run towards it with whatever your dreams are.

And, my ebook is affiliated, and thanks for the idea for another one (ie, how to write, promote, sell and manage an online course). FYI, I get a lot of ideas from readers like you, so really, thank you for sending this idea along.

From Participant EbookTourney22

Hi Yuwanda:

It’s coming along. Two chapters to go. Yikes!

My comment: You can do it; you can do it!

From Participant EbookTourney25

Hi Yuwanda,

I’m going to buy your e-book. Does this disqualify me?

There are questions I’ve had which the contents [of my ebook] show would answer them and since this has been a tourney not a tutorial, I haven’t dared to ask you. This is not to derail my process (Absolutely not!), I am still proceeding.  I’ve had questions about pricing, creating landing pages, effective headlines, long-tail word titles which your book will just enrich my process.

Your comments to everyone have been absolutely beneficial to me and, I think you should do an e-book on ‘encouragment’ because you do it so well. I always take a break as soon as your your e-tourney email/posts arrive because there are always nuggets of invaluable information in them(your comments).

I continue with my e-tourney and will keep you abreast since my finish line may not be tomorrow with everyone else but a couple days later. When I do calculate the time spent writing the e-book though scattered, it probably will end up being three full days.

Thank you! I’m pressing on.

My comment: What I like about this participant, as well as a few others, is that even though they’re not likely to finish before the tournament ends tomorrow, they’re still pressing ahead. And, this is the important thing.

I have a cousin who got pregnant while she was in college. It took her 7 years to get her degree. Some semesters, she’d take completely off; others, she’d take one class. But the main thing is, she never quit. She hung in there until she got her degree.

That’s determination and every time I think of her, this is what sticks out to me about her – when she wants something, she never gives up.

This is what 90% of success is in my opinion. The other 10% may be made up of smarts, money, know how, connections, etc. But the largest chunk of the “success puzzle” is knowing what you want and going for it with everything you’ve got.

God (the Power Superior as my ex-husband calls it) rewards perseverance. So, stick with your dreams – and actively work towards them. Even if you can’t do what you want 100% of the time RIGTH NOW, giving it all you’ve got WHEN YOU CAN will still get you there.

Okay, pep talk over.  

And as I emailed this participant earlier today, purchasing does not disqualify you. There is no way to be “disqualified.”

My Progress

As my most reliable way to make ebook sales is article marketing, today I wrote three articles. I uploaded all three to AssociatedContent.com, and one to ContentCrooner, the article submission service I use. I also sent out a newsletter, the subject of which was Make Money Selling Ebooks: How to Create Your Own Ebook Publishing Empire By Writing Just One Ebook Per Month.

ka-chingSelling Ebooks Online: The Power of a Built-In Audience

And, I got 3 sales – in less than an hour (see PayPal screenshot below).

FYI, this speaks to the power of building lists (which I discuss in the ebook I wrote during this tournament) and having “a community” wherever you are online eg, social media, write for pay sites like AssociatedContent.com, etc. sell-ebooks-online

Why Article Marketing Works

Again, article marketing works because it gives people information up front about a product service. It also brands you as an expert, builds your credibility and creates trust. The key to all of this, of course, is writing good, informative content (all of this is discussed in the ebook, of course).

I have to say, I’m amazed (and I don’t’ use this word lightly) by how much you all accomplished during this tournament. You wildly exceeded my expectations – and by your accounts – your own. It just oges to show what you can do once you set your mind to it.

Sure, the tournament may have provided the parameters, but the work ethic was all yours. Remember, this is something you can carry with you. You don’t need an ebook writing tournament to build your own ebook publishing empire – the talent already lies within you.

All you seem to need, based on the feedback you’ve sent in – is the discipline to get it done.

Ebooking Writing Moving Forward: What to Expect

Tomorrow, I’ll do a wrap up of the comments you send in.

On MONDAY (I need the weekend to reflect), I’ll put together my final thoughts and some insight’s I’ve gleaned from this tournament that I hope will help you all see how making money selling ebooks is sooo possible.

Until tomorrow.

Get more your final feedback aas early as possible, as I want to get the final post out before the end of the workday tomorrow.

Congratulations again to those who finished and have already gotten sales. And, to those who are still working hard to achieve their goals, remember, the only competition is with yourself. Don’t let yourself down, so complete your journey – whatever it is. You owe it to yourself.

Until tomorrow,
Yuwanda (FYI, don’t forget to get the book that inspired the ebook writing and publishing tournament — and possibly start your own ebook publishing and writing empire).

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seo-copywriting-trainingGet SEO Copywriting Training — Earn $50,000 to $75,000 Your First Year. You’ll learn 4 ways to make money online using your newly acquired skills. Get full details on the SEO copywriter training this ecourse offers.

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Make Money Selling Ebooks: How to Create Your Own Ebook Publishing Empire By Writing Just One Ebook Per Month

I don’t know if you’ve checked into the site lately, but since October 12th, we’ve had a fun ebook writing and publishing tournament going on. The goal was to write an ebook in 3 days, market it, and start getting sales within a week. And guess what, three participants have done just that. In fact, two have gotten more than one sale, and one even created more than one product.

So, it’s been very productive.

As I was on my beach run this morning, a eureka idea came to me about making money selling ebooks. It’s something I’ve been kinda doing tangentially, but as it wasn’t a “formal formula” I was using, the profitability of it had escaped me.

Make Money Selling Ebooks by Doing Less Work, but Making More Money

What is it? Quite simply, making the work I do on one ebook turn into two to four ebooks.  This not only cuts down on the amount of writing I have to do to, it significantly ups my income.

Spending less time writing ebooks and having more money rolling in at the same time? Now that’s what I’m talking about! Following is the formula I will use forever more as I write and publish more ebooks.

Make Money Selling Ebooks: Turn 12 Ebooks into an Ebook Publishing Empire



What if I told you that you could write a dozen ebooks, and turn them into 30 to 50 e-products, all making you money day in and day out? The beautiful thing about ebook publishing and writing is that once the publication is finished, it can earn you money for years to come.

And, if you can literally double, triple or quadruple your output, without doubling, tripling or quadrupling your efforts – well, now THAT’S a winning formula.

As the author of  somewhere around 18 ebooks to date, following is the formula I now “formally” follow. It’s at the forefront of my mind for every ebook I write.

Pullouts: The Secret to Making Money Selling Ebooks

how-to-write-an-ebook-medA pullout is simply a chapter or portion of your ebook that you can sell as an individual product. For example, my most recent ebook, How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week – Really! has four pullouts. These pullouts will sell anywhere from 99 cents to $9.95. The full ebook will sell for $19.95; the introductory price is $14.95 (for a very limited time).

In a few of my other ebooks, I’ve done pullouts and based on the numbers from those, I see that about a third come back and purchase the original, whole product and/or another product.

How Pullouts Can Increase Your Overall Ebook Sales

So in essence, pullouts not only act as another income stream for you as an ebook publisher, they introduce people to your style of writing, acting as a sales tool.  

To Make Money Selling Ebooks, Write With Pullouts in Mind

Note: Any pullouts you do must cover a specific portion of your ebook subject matter thoroughly. This all starts with writing an effective outline and covering the subject matter in detail.

So going back to creating an ebook publishing and writing empire. Let’s say you wrote one ebook a month (which is crazy easy to do, as particpants in the ebook writing and publishing tournament proved). Then, let’s say you had three to four pullouts from each of those ebooks. That’s 36 to 48 products you could be selling over and over and over again, day in and day out.

Make Money Selling Ebooks & Secure Your Financial Future

If you got really ambitious and wrote two or three ebooks per month, you can easily have over a hundred products in your ebook catalogue within a year. Most people never publish one ebook in their entire lifetime — and the thought of you having over a hundred in a year. Imagine the (income) possibilities!

I have 75-80 titles on my list to write over the next 2-3 years. That could easily be over 300 products!

Once I started crunching some numbers, with minimal sales, I realized that my financial future is quite rosy. Yours can be too!

See how easy it is to make money selling ebooks? Your own, no less.

Yuwanda (FYI, don’t forget to get the book that inspired the ebook writing and publishing tournament — and possibly start your own ebook publishing and writing empire).

P.S.: I’m always looking for good guest posts: This site and its sister site, SeoWritingJobs.com, accepts them. Get the guest post submission guidelines.

P.P.S.:  What’s It Like to Live & Work Abroad as a Freelance Writer? Find out in the living abroad as a freelance writer in Jamaica series at http://bit.ly/aPgutY.

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Ghosted Ads on Backpage: Affiliate Marketers — Are Your Competitors Sabotaging You?

If you’re not making the sales you want on backpage, or other free classified ad sites like Craigslist, then it may be because your ads are being ghosted.

BUT . . . not by the sites themselves, but by your competitor. Below is a letter I sent to backpage.com recently detailing an experience I’m currently having with someone who is not even mydirect competitor. But because I used to promote their product as an affiliate (bp sender, a free classified ad posting software for backpage) and stopped, I’ve had all sorts of problems with them.

FYI, this software is also referred to by the following names: “backpage auto poster,” “backpage auto posting software,” backpage software,” “free backpage auto posting software” “bp sender” “backpage auto poster download free” and “backpage auto poster download.

It is sold via the following sites: Wealth-Distributors.info, bpsender.info, BpSender.us, BpSender.biz, BpSender.com, BpSender.net, BpSender.org, BpSender.info, RoBotLike.info. Another version of this site is EZAdBlaster.com; BPDominator.com;BPDominator.net; BPDominator.org; and BPDominator.biz.

Note: I just want to say, this is an extremely rare occurrence in affiliate and internet marketing. So, don’t let it discourage you. There’s a lot of money to be made online — and it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have this problem.

Following is the letter I sent to backpage.com about the problem, which is what you should do if you have problems with a competitor ghosting your ads on backpage, or another free classified ads site.

Note: Backpage ad posting software I recommend and am an affiliate for.






Ghosting Ads on Backpage: Be Able to Prove Your Claim Because Your Web Reputation as an Online Marketer Is Worth Its Weight in Gold

Everything I’ve said here can be backed up with emails, saved screenshots, and correspondence with web hosting and domain name companies.

Well, I’ll Just Ghost Their Ads on Backpage (Craigslist, etc.): DON’T!

I advise against ghosting or reporting competitor ads on sites like backpage, craigslist, etc. Why? This stoops to the same type of behavior they exhibit and you won’t have time for that type of thing if you run a legitimate business.

I know it may be tempting, but the bad karma you put in the universe for doing something like this just isn’t worth it. If  you’re doing the right thing, it will work out. You just have to trust that. So, do all you can – legally and morally – to put an end to it, then move on.

Following is the email I sent to the site about someone who perceives themselves as my competitor ghosting my ads on backpage.com.


To Whom It May Concern: 

I’m contacting you about a competitor ghosting my ads on your site. He has admitted to it, and I have proof. Not only has he ghosted my ads, he’s stolen my copy and graphics, and posted it on your site as his own.

And he says there’s nothing you can do about it, which I hope isn’t the case. I have proof of this as well. Following is a detailed explanation.

The culprit is Carl Williams, the promoter of the backpage ad posting software sold via Wealth-Distributors.info (and www.bpsender.info, BpSender.us, BpSender.biz, BpSender.com, BpSender.net, BpSender.org, BpSender.info, RoBotLike.info).

The reason Mr. Williams started attacking me and ghosting my ads is because I used to be an affiliate for his product. But because we had a disagreement (which is laid out in this post in detail: http://inkwelleditorial.com/backpage-poster-software-scam).

I stopped promoting his product and now promote another backpage auto posting software. Apparently this did not sit well with him.


He wrote:

Friday, October 22, 2010 12:44 PM
From:  “Support” admin@bpsender.info
To: solybesos@yahoo.com

Are you insane, BackPage could not block us if they wanted to, what do you think we are Experts at, “Dumb Ass Broad” !


Friday, October 22, 2010 1:20 PM
From:  “Support” admin@bpsender.info
To: solybesos@yahoo.com

Of course your ADS are being ghosted, that’s the whole point !, you went and talked too much shit, you made your own bed now lay in it !


Saturday, October 23, 2010 7:46 AM
From:  “Support” admin@bpsender.info
To: solybesos@yahoo.com

Made $500 yesterday just with the website you are familiar with, you are playing way out of your league and I should not even be communicating with you because you are a amateur, anyone that would refer to BackPage “Banning” them is a “LightWeight and your relationship with me would be more of a Teacher-Student relationship, and I will also tell you something else which is that I have been wanting to enter that Jamaican market via other markets and have been looking for an Representative to the tune of the Representative making anywhere from $500 Dollars to $5000 dollars a sale, but you have already shown and proved to us your disloyalty with small sales thus proving you can’t be trusted, as we have told you before “Loyalty Is Everything To Us !”.  Yet instead all you have chosen to do is as we as Black People say “Show Your Ass !” and try and consistently one-up me, when the reality of it all is that had you conducted yourself more Professionally we would probably had you on a “Salary” by now !, the Sister talks about that in the Book that I referred to you “The Black Man’s Guide To UnderStanding The Black Woman !” she goes on to say that if a Black Man greets a Sister the Sister looks at the Brother like “What Are You Doing Speaking To Me !”, but if the “Other Man” greets the Sister she flutters with a Big Smile and melts in his hand, I point this out because for some reason you think that only the “Other Man” is in the Position to offer you opportunity when the Reality of it all is that you have been conditioned to think that way by American Society, you should know better if you know anything about Jamaican history and “Marcus Garvey” who’s picture is on the Jamaican currency, who was forced from the USA simply because he tried to educate the Black American Negro in Economics, even then Mr. Garvey had the Black Star Cruise Lines making Millions even back in the day, and of course the “Other Man” did not want the American Negro duplicating or learning of that success thus freeing himself from a Oppressed Mentality, it only takes leaving the USA to see that the “Other Man” does not control the world as he would lead American Negros to believe.


I’ve been posting to your site since January 2009 and have referred literally hundreds of people (affiliates) there, via an ebook I wrote about how to maximize sales on Backpage (and other free classified ads sites). This ebook can be found at FreeAdsSell.info.


He is not only ghosting my ads, but those of my affiliates as well. Following is proof of an ad of mine he recently started ghosting: http://espanol.clasificadoselpaso.univision.com/BizOpps/andgtandgthow-i-earn-100-150day-selling-products-on-backpage-in-only-2-3-hrsday-you-can-too/2686469

HIS AD USING MY COPY: http://losangeles.backpage.com/Groups/andgtandgthow-i-earn-100-150day-selling-products-on-backpage-in-only-2-3-hrsday-you-can-too/11813145:


As you can see (click to view larger image), all links (hundreds of them) go out to his site, which WAS FreelanceWritersGold.com.

Google the heading “How I Earn $100-$150/Day Selling Products on Backpage in Only 2-3 Hrs/Day — You Can Too” to see all that pop up  and point to HIS url (http://2.gp/brpu).

I lodged a report with his host company and they have suspended the site these ads go to. He moved the site twice to different host companies; I’ve had the site suspended a total of 3 times in as many days.

I have been doing business on the web since 1999, and operate honestly and ethically. All you have to do is google my name (Yuwanda Black) to find out about me and what others have to say about me. My reputation is above reproach.

This is the first reason I’m asking you to ban him from the site or at least not let him ghost my ads. The second reason is . . .


Following is the second reason I’m asking you to suspend him from your site, or at least stop him from ghosting my ads or those of my affiliates.

This past Friday (10/22/2010), I contacted the Simpsonville, SC investigative unit and spoke with a detective about what I perceived as a threat in an email exchange I had with this individual:

Date: Friday, October 22, 2010, 12:55 PM
From: Support admin@bpsender.info
To: solybesos@yahoo.com
Subject: [#126566] Re: Stop Using My Backpage Ad/Graphic Or I Will Report You

Don’t forget about the White Girl that went missing about 8-Years ago in Jamaica, but you don’t have to worry about that because they know that you are just another one of them, just another Broke Ass !, the only one that buys your “I’m here in Jamaica On Vacation” story is your stupid ass, you even look Jamaican !

Police Report Filing RE Your Threat
Friday, October 22, 2010 1:41 PM
From: solybesos@yahoo.com
To: “Support” admin@bpsender.info

This has gone beyond bad business practices by you.

I consider this, and another email you sent me a threat. I’m filing a report with the Simpsonville, South Carolina police department.

From your deranged ramblings on other occasions (when YOU were the one who started this whole thing by stealing from me), I should have no problems getting not only a restraining order against you, but possible criminal charges levied as well.

See you in court, Mr. Williams.

Mind you, this was after a string of bizarre emails I received (some listed below) and have continued to receive. The reason this caused me alarm is because the man is obviously unstable.

I’m a foreigner (American citizen) living here in Jamaica part-time, and he’s talking about someone going missing (he has ties to this country). It quite frankly did not sit right with me and the detective I spoke with said I did the right thing in alerting them, and even told me I might want to visit the police department where I am here in Jamaica as well.


Monday, October 18, 2010 11:20 AM (Email I sent to him notifying him of this post)

And I’m not done with you yet.

I will be filing a civil suit against you for copyright fraud, and I will be reporting you to your state’s attorney general’s office, as well as backpage.com, for fraudently stealing my intellectual property (the ads I’ve written, along with use of my images) and for having my ads ghosted.

I told you to leave me alone, but you just wouldn’t listen.

I want you to IMMEDIATELY CEASE AND DESIST referrring to me and my businesses and interferring with my business practices.

If you don’t, everything you say about me and/or my businesses had better be backed up with factual information. Otherwise, I’ll sue you for slander, libel and character defamation, in addition to copyright damages.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher

Monday, October 18, 2010 11:32 AM [His Response to the Above]

You are “Small Fish To Fry”, now that we have fried you, go “Have A Coke & Smile”, just giving you a taste of your own “Medicine”.

And if you really want to know who I am, you can go to Kingston, May Penn and ask for the “Shaw” family, my Ex-Wife is Edna Shaw’s Grand-Daughter !

And that’s coming from A DreadLock,
No worries Sister Girl, Everything Ariy !
Now Don’t Contact Us anymore

Happy Selling,
www.BpSender.us – Posting
www.BpSender.biz – Ideas
www.BpSender.com – PRO
www.BpSender.net – EXPERT
www.BpSender.org – Affiliates
www.BpSender.info – Support Desk
www.RoBotLike.info – Developer
www.Wealth-Distributors.info – Mgt

Monday, October 18, 2010 11:37 AM [My Last Email to Him Because My Suspicions Were Confirmed — He’s Not Playing with a Full Deck of Cards. Read on for His Bizarre Ramblings.]

Oh I’m smiling alright — all the way to the courthouse in SOUTH CAROLINA to file suit against your ass.
It’s on now, Mr. NON-DREADLOCKED Williams.

And by the way, it’s “IRIE”; (pronounced “I RE”). Any JAMAICAN would know that.

Have a mahhhvvveeelllous day dahling

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 11:43 AM [The Rest of These are His Emails to Me]

You got that right, I’m not Jamaican, nor do I care to be, some of the most ignorant people I have every met, as I said before “My EX-WIFE”, born at Fort Bragg Army Hospital Green Beret Base, “Pure American” Red, White & Blue, any other questions ?

Happy Selling,
www.BpSender.us – Posting
www.BpSender.biz – Ideas
www.BpSender.com – PRO
www.BpSender.net – EXPERT
www.BpSender.org – Affiliates
www.BpSender.info – Support Desk
www.RoBotLike.info – Developer
www.Wealth-Distributors.info – Mgt

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 11:49 AM

Now go and have a “Beef Patty” or “Cury Goat Patty”, or some Cury Chicken, or Ackee & SwordFish, or maybe some Red Beans and rice whatever your preference, and don’t forget to “Have A Coke & Smile”, it’s expressly for this reason that I don’t date Sisters or Black Woman anymore, any other questions ?, strictly Latina Senoritas, for that fact have a Baby on the way now from my precious Senorita !, and plan to pass that same advice on to my Sons, Black Women / Sisters are nothing but problems, the same reason the Black Man has never been able to accomplish anything, even during slavery in the USA the Black Woman was laid up in bed with Master and to this day she has not changed.

Maybe Minister Ferakann could explain better for you !, but I’m not Muslim, I’m 3rd Degree Master Mason (Masonic) and have plenty of Brothers there in Jamaica.

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 12:06 PM

Or maybe you prefer some “Jerk Chicken”, I have to admit it is delicious, at any rate take care “Sister Girl”, it’s been a pleasure knowing you, would have rather had you as a friend than a foe, but as I have said before I understand “Jamaicans”, I’m not beating my head against that wall again.

Happy Selling,
C. Williams

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 12:39 PM

Also for the record, Jamaica does not have a patent on “DreadLocks”, Jamaica is only “Part Of” the Caribbean, of which so is Florida, you only have to cross the small strait of ocean that separates Jamaica from Miami, Florida and you will find plenty of American “DreadLocks” right there in my beautiful Miami, and as you know they take life very serious, but I forgot you chose to live in Jamaica it is cheaper there, unfortunately everyone can’t afford to live in Miami.

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 12:42 PM

but I forgot you chose to live in Jamaica it is cheaper there, unfortunately everyone can’t afford to live in Miami.

And when I say “Cheaper”, I mean “Third-World” conditions, who would “Choose” to live there ?

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 12:47 PM

Miami, Florida and you will find plenty of American “DreadLocks” right there in my beautiful Miami !

That is, “EDUCATED DREADLOCKS !”, that’s where we differ from the Dreads you are accustom to.

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 1:57 PM

As we have said before, don’t contact us anymore with your “Foolishness !”, moving on, sorry but we just don’t have anymore time for you, we offered you a opportunity in the pass and you blew it !


From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 2:03 PM

I have to remember you are a Writer so I’m correcting my spelling, that’s “Past” not “Pass”, as in what you are to us now, “Past Tense”, you remind me of my High School English Teacher.

But one thing that I will give Jamaican women is that they are “Incredibly Beautiful”, guess that explains why I have two kids from one, but if you noticed Ms. Jamaica came in second place to Ms. Mexico in the “Ms. Universe” contest pageant, it would appear that I made the right choice in putting the Jamaican women “Behind” me and moving forward with the other minority woman, the Latina woman who are also incredibly “Beautiful”, the mix should be even more interesting when she has my child in four (4) months.
Got to go, have fun, Sister !

Happy Trails,

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 2:15 PM

And furthermore as you know and as we know your chosen choice of software does not even post to BackPage effectively, so in the end what did you gain by acting like a fool and trying to be greedy, now you have “Nothing” coming, just a sad memory !


From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 2:30 PM

Hey Thanks For The “Plug” on your WebSite:

As we have told you before, there is no such thing as “BAD PUBLICITY” !

Unfortunately you will not receive “ANY” commissions from sales derived from this advertisement.
Thank-You !

Happy Selling,

From: “Support” admin@bpsender.info Monday, October 18, 2010 2:31 PM

We are getting traffic and sales already from:

You my Dear are a GENUIS !

Date: Friday, October 22, 2010, 4:09 PM
From: Support <admin@bpsender.info>
Subject: [#139436] Police Report Filing RE Your Threat
To: solybesos@yahoo.com

You know the nicest thing about being a Mason ?, “Knowing The LAW !”, but at any rate THANKS for reminding me why I quit dating Sisters, Thank GOD for the other minority Woman, the Latina Woman, the Black Man’s biggest enemy is not the White Man, but the Black Woman, you can read all about it, there is a book written by a Black Muslim Sister titled:

“The Black Man’s Guide To UnderStanding The Black Woman !”

The Sister gave up all the Black Woman’s secrets as to how they really view their Black Men, and I’ll re-iterate again the White Man is not the Black Man’s biggest enemy, it’s the Black Woman forever thinking that she can oppress him, but she too is somewhat innocent in that she has been programmed to think that way, the American society has put those systems in place for her to think that way, again Thank GOD for the Latina Woman, the Black Man had to have some decent women to turn to versus the Black Woman forever trying to chop his head off, who would want that ?, and the Sisters forever wonder why they are Single Mothers, but as I have always told Brothers, “Sisters have a reason to be angry, because they are a Double Minority, first they are African American and Secondly A Woman also, thus a Double Minority and thus very Angry Bitter Women and the first people that Angry Bitter Women lash out at are those closest to them, the Black Man. One would have to be a “Glutton For Punishment !” to subject himself to a woman like that when other more pleasant women are in this world regardless of what skin, creed, or color.

Don’t bother calling me again, I don’t have time to actually converse with what I already know to be ignorant !

Again Thanks For The Reminder,
God Am I Ever Happy I Wised-Up,
But my Sons will know this because I will raise them to know this from the cradle !

Based on all of this, again, I’m asking that you please prevent him from ghosting my ads and those of my affiliates.

And as a reminder, should you need me to, I can prove every claim I’ve ever levied against Mr. Williams (saved screenshots, emails and correspondence with hosting and domain name companies). He couldn’t possibly do the same.

Thank you for your consideration of this correspondence. I look forward to a speedy resolution.

Yuwanda Black, Publisher
InkwellEditorial.com/Affiliate Creator (http://FreeAdsSell.info)

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Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 9 of 11


It’s raining cats, dogs and goats here in Jamaica – and it’s supposed to for the next few days. Suits me just fine as I have tons of work to do and will not be distracted by “the sun and the sea” calling me to play. Now, down to business.

It seems the marketing is coming along swimmingly – at least for a couple of you. Another tourney participant made a sale today.  NoteLearn what this ebook writing tournament is all about and read all posts in this series. And FYI, you can now get the book that inspired the series — and start your own ebook publishing and writing empire.

Another Participant Makes Her First Sale — Yes!

Congratulations go out to Participant EbookTourney 14. She wrote (this was her second correspondence to me today):

ka-chingJust writing again to let you know I made my first sale! 😀 SO excited!

 First correspondence

Wow, so exciting to see someone already making sales! I’m a little behind on the marketing because I wanted to change the website a bit, which is now done. I’m quite happy with the result.

To date, I have:

– Bookmarked the page
– Written 4 articles (to be submitted this evening, as soon as I send this off to you!)
– Facebook
– Twitter
– Emailed my list from my work at home mom blog

Tonight I’ll be submitting the site to a few directories, letting people know on FB that it’s for sale, blogging on three of my blogs about it, and submitting articles to article directories.

Thank you so much for doing this, it’s been a terrific learning experience and I’m all revved up to work on more ebooks and even courses to offer on the same site!


My comment: We’re all doing a cyber jig for ya!

As you all can see from her first correspondence, she really put in the work. That’s why I say marketing is the hard part of ebook writing; it’s where the “real” work comes in. But, as the joy this participant conveys, it’s sooooo worth it.

I never tire of seeing the message, “E-junkie Notification – Sale” in my inbox (that’s the message E-Junkie sends when someone buys one of your products). 

Here’s what the rest of you have been doing during this final phase. 


ebookFrom Participant EbookTourney25

First correspondence

Hi Yuwanda,

I am excited, because I am growing and learning in the process.

I am learning timing is everything.

I do have a set deadline for my product.  More importantly, I now have a defined purpose and meaning for my product and the specific (target market) it will help.   Yeah!   Success in my eyes. 

I would not of come to this realization if it wasn’t for this etourney.   Thank you! 

To Tourney 29:    I want to say Thank You for being my cheerleader!  I am cheering you on too.

Second correspondence


You inspired me to drag my patootie up and out to the gym.  I couldn’t help but hear you say, “tight patootie”.

I have to say, I felt great after going to the gym. 

So, here’s my plan for tomorrow:

1.  Go to the gym in the morning

2.  Come back home feeling fresh and energized

3.  Press forward in getting what I need done

Thanks again 

My comment: First, I love how you all have taken to talking to and encouraging each other. That’s fantastic. One day, I WILL get a forum set up on this site so much more of this type of interaction can take place. Many have asked me for it, but I know once it’s up it’s going to have to be moderated and that’s a chunk of time I don’t have right now, so that’s why I haven’t done it.

As for “success”, the only eyes that count are yours. So if you’ve found the path that you should be taking, that in and of itself is a victory. It takes some people years to do this, and then still they procrastinate.

Now that you know which direction you want to go in, don’t procrastinate. Make a schedule and stick to it.

As for getting your “patootie” to the gym – I’m glad I inspired you on this tip. Something a lot of self-employed professionals (especially internet marketers) don’t talk about enough in my opinion is how exhausting it is. There’s so much to do day in and day out – and you can work literally around the clock. So it’s imperative to have good health habits.

For example, I’ve been working – and I mean wiggling in my seat cuz I don’t wanna get up to take a pee working – since 9am this morning. And, right now, it’s 10:53 pm my time. I have 2-3 days a week where I do this – really. So when I tell you that this career is hard work, I mean it. But, only for a few more years (from my lips to Jah’s ears hopefully).

I’ve been a runner since I was 18. In the last four years, I’ve completed four marathons (next month will make 5); I’ve also practiced martial arts (Tae Kwon Do); do yoga (which I hate, but it works so well that I make myself do it at least twice a week); and am always doing something physical.

Staying active and eating right helps me to sleep better at night, so I can perform better during the day. It’s a critical part of my success, which is why I make time for it. It’s not an option. Going for my run is as necessary to me as brushing my teeth. And, that’s how you have to treat it if you want to make it part of your lifestyle, not just something you do when you get a chance. Keep this in mind if being self-employed is something you’re working towards.

Okay, I’m off my “health” soapbox. It’s an important topic to me; one I tend to drone on about.

From Participant EbookTourney5

I hope the issue with C. Williams doesn’t discourage you.  Because of your website, I have finally been able to write my e-book.  Plus your newsletters are very encouraging and informative. 

My comment: People like this only ENCOURAGE, not discourage, me. My motto is never let anyone steal your joy – and I simply never do. But, thanks for the words of encouragement.

Also, the fact that you’ve finished your first ebook is great. I hope this is not your last one, no?

Note: Sign up from any page of InkwellEditorial.com t get the latest issue of the newsletter, as well as all past issues. Once the ebook tourney is over, the content will go back to being “subscriber only.”

From Participant EbookTourney7

Hi Yuwanda!

Yesterday was not a total loss at all, because I spent most of the day in “training,” learning how to do article marketing! I feel so empowered! Thank you! I hear other freelancers talk about doing this, but I didn’t understand what they were saying.

This morning I wrote one of those long foundation articles that I can pull from and link to with several different small topics. I get it!

I can do this. I can so do this.

Today the funds came in, so I will spend this afternoon learning how to build a website. Hopefully my blog site which I will use as my landing site for my e-book will be live tonight!

I am still targeting that Day 10 sales date. 🙂

Thanks again, sweetie

My comment: No “training” is lost time; trust me, it’s foundational knowledge you’ll pull on again and again, so don’t look at it like that. Now that you know what article marketing is, would you trade the time you spent learning it? I’m betting not. So, SMART use of your time, missy. Way to go!

Love people who don’t know, but have the chutzpah to dive in and learn. My kind of “student.” And yes, you most DEFINITELY can do this. It’s not rocket science; I tell people all the time who wan to do what I do. It just takes consistency and stick-to-it-ness.

Good luck on getting the blog set up by tonight, and in learning how to build a website. This is one of the best skills I ever taught myself. My web design skills will never win any awards, but I keep them clean, simple and professional, and they work just fine for what I need.

 I’m sending up a good luck wish for an ebook sale for you. Hey, you have a couple of days – it’s totally possible (really!).

From Participant EbookTourney23

Thank you for your kind support, Yuwanda! I am not giving up! Will be working more today and in next few days

My comment: You’re very welcome. Let me know when you finish; even if it’s after the tourney is over. Remember the only competition is with yourself and I mean that sincerely. Don’t let YOURSELF down. You owe yourself this accomplishment. So finish, even if it’s after we’re done.

From Participant EbookTourney29

Hi Yuwanda,

Was in a briefing ALL morning, which means I’ll be writing all night(fingers crossed). I got a bit of a jolt when etourney4 mentioned researching keywords. I have just been writing and not thinking about SEO (being the newbie that I am).

Should I do this as I am editing because worrying about SEO will affect my flow as I write?

I’m so envious of you and everyone else who’s ‘done and dusted’ and selling their e-book/s. I can’t wait for my turn.

Take care

My comment: You know, envy can be a good thing when channeled correctly. I was envious of Participant EbookTourney27 when she got not one, but TWO sales yesterday. It made me hunker down and finish everything today. So channel those feelings – into some hunker-down action – and your turn will come.

As for SEO, as you’re new to it, write first. Then, you can go back and incorporate SEO strategies later. So your instincts are correct here.

From Participant EbookTourney20

Hi Yuwanda,
I feel like the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, checking his watch and exclaiming…”I’m late, I’m late!”
I veered off schedule due to family obligations, but today I am back on track. More article marketing will happen today. I don’t think I’ll have time for much more than 2 articles, but I will try!
Congratulations to the participant who has already gotten 2 sales! Whoo-hooo! Happy for them? Most definitely. Envious of them? Just a little bit. But honestly, it’s the bite of envy that serves to get me
up and keep me moving toward my goal. Kind of like a sheep-herding dog, nipping at my heels.
Question: have you ever used Smashwords to market your ebooks? Just curious to see what your take on it is.
Have a great rest of the day,
Numero Veinte
Caught just a few minutes of Samantha Brown’s travel channel show on Jamaica last night as I was passing by the TV. All I have to say is…wow! One day I would love to see the falls on the Browne estate as well as watch the Bird Man jump. Amazing place! And to think your writing allowed you to create a life there. Pretty cool.

My comment: Your “Alice in Wonderland” reference cracked me up for some reason. I think I’m a bit delirious at this point because I’m so tired. But, thanks for the chuckle.

As for smashwords, nope, never even heard of them/it.

As for envy, as I told the participant just above you, use it to spur you on, which your sentiment seems to be. That’s the attitude!

As for Jamaica, the thing I always tell people is, “When God invented the word paradise, he had Jamaica in mind.” I’ve been a lot of places in this world (especially beaches and I’m a native Floridian) and Jamaica is truly paradise on earth. The various types of plants, trees and flowers here must be what the Garden of Eden looks like, because the variety and sheer beauty of them assail you from everywhere.

As the commercial says, “Once you go, you know.” And yeah, becuase I have a “penchant and little bit of talent with the pen, I get to dip my toes in this wonderful paradise for a bit. I feel blessed indeed.

And not for nothing, but Samantha Brown has my ideal job (I adore her show). I would love, love, love to do a travel show. Any TV producers out there listening? I can write, I’m told that I’m personable, I love exploring new places and I can travel at the drop of a hat. So if you’re listening, I’m your girl (just give a sista a day or so to get her head did (ie, hair done), ok?)!

From Participant EbookTourney4


Thanks for the gentle kick. I am back on course, working on a sales page. It’s going to be a tough road to Friday, but it’s great to be much closer than eight days ago.

My comment: Now doesn’t that put it all in perspective, RE “it’s great to be much closer than eight days ago.” Way to look at the bright side!

From Participant EbookTourney26

Hi Yuwanda,
I know I’m way behind everybody else, but I’m working on a handbook, which is the best format for my target market and today I came up with a title and will soon be working on an outline.

My comment: You may be “behind” others, but you’re ahead of where you were a little over a week ago, as Participant EbookTourney4 so brilliantly pointed out in her comment just above yours. So hang in there; you’re on your way.

My Progress

I added more stuff to my ebook, so did some more writing today (a no, no and something I’ve advised that you all not do).

BUT – and I’m pulling a “I’m the teacher so can get away with this here” – this happens to me 99% of the time when I write. I’ll come across just “one more thing” I have to throw in.

So I wrote another chapter, finished editing and proofreading, wrote my sales page, added the ebook to my website and uploaded it to e-Junkie. It’s at: http://www.e-junkie.com/InkwellEditoria/product/442432.php (introductory price of  $14.95; going up to $19.95 on Monday).

Tomorrow, I’m going to write four articles for it, and post them to article directories. Then, I’m going to put a link in the Inkwell Editorial newsletter that I’m sending out tomorrow, in addition to using social media and a couple of other marketing things if I have time.

I’d planned to do all of this today, but I had to squeeze in a client project, so didn’t have time.

Two more days you all (closing in on one for some of you).

Remember, “Yes You Can!” (get that sale).

I’m beat. Gonna down a cup of chamomile tea, then turn on the Golden Girls and let them watch me as I drift into slumber.

Buenas noches mis escritores prójimos (good night my fellow writers) :).

Yuwanda (FYI, don’t forget to get the book that inspired the series — and possibly start your own ebook publishing and writing empire).

P.S.: I’m always looking for good guest posts: This site and its sister site, SeoWritingJobs.com, accepts them. Get the guest post submission guidelines.

P.P.S.:  What’s It Like to Live & Work Abroad as a Freelance Writer? Find out in the living abroad as a freelance writer in Jamaica series at http://bit.ly/aPgutY.

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Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 8 of 11


How’s the marketing coming along?

You should be doing at least a couple of marketing tasks per day, eg, writing and submitting a press release/article and posting it to free distribution sites; placing 20, 30 or more ads on free classified ad sites; blogging about your ebook; using social media to promote it; etc.

Note: Learn what this ebook writing tournament is all about and read all posts in this series.

Notice that all of these are free tactics that only take time. And, if you have little or no budget, this is definitely the way to go.  


While yesterday was light on responses, I heard from quite a few of you today. Following is what you had to say.

ka-chingOne ebook participant already got TWO SALES of new e-products she created during this tournament!

She wrote (this was her second correspondence to me):

From Participant EbookTourney27

While I started out with one product in the beginning of this tournament, I wound up creating a couple of other ones and I sold copies of both today (one is  a form; the other is an ebook).

FYI, I will finish the initial ebook I started the tourney soon. So it’s been a VERY productive process for me.

Thank you!

My comment: That’s fantastic! We’re all doing a cyber jig for ya!

See what happens when you put your nose to the grindstone folks. Imagine putting out 20, 30 or 40 e-products that you can promote. It can turn into a full-time income in no time at all.

First correspondence

Okay, so I switched gears on the publication… But I have completed a 75-page ebook, uploaded it to my e-junkie account, written the sales page, and getting ready to market it… I have an e-newsletter account with almost six hundred subscribers, so I will shoot it to them on Thursday… tomorrow, Wednesday, article marketing galore! prlog is fast; so is content crooner… also managed to eek out an accompanying contract form as a backend sales product for the ebook… yippee!!! Almost there… now, sales… priced the non-fiction publication at $18.99 and the form at $six.95 (the six is sticking on my keyboard, so ‘cuse the typing…)…

🙂 Yes! Thank you, Yuwanda, you rock! We need another tourney next month (still have the initial ebook to finish)… just the fire under my butt needed to keep me cranking… my goal is 300 eproducts over next five years… please help me out with more tourneys!!!! BIG THANK YOU! 

From Participant EbookTourney14

ebookFirst correspondence

Well, today I really pushed myself as I didn’t finish with work until around 7. I finished my ebook (to be proofed in the AM when I’m fresh), designed my cover, set up the webpage for it (on my main blog’s ebook section), and wrote one article to start promoting it. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow to the rest of the group!

Second correspondence


I decided at the last minute to make use of a different domain that I’ve been sitting on, so I set that up today as a mini-site for now. The plan was/is to write a number of books helpful for work at home moms and put them up on that domain, creating a super resource center for WAHMs. This is just the first step!

Apart from that, I wrote a press release and two more articles for article marketing, bookmarked the site and posted my success on Facebook. Imagine my surprise when a friend on Facebook wrote to tell me that she would love to help promote the ebook! 🙂 She has a publicity firm and does some free promo for authors, musicians and artists.

Looking forward to tomorrow! (taking a well earned break tonight to go out on the town with friends!

My comment: Free PR from an experienced pro – now that’s what I’m talking about! Nice to have friends in high places. See the power of social media folks?

And that “internal push” is just what’s needed to break through the procrastination. Try to hold on to this as you go about creating other products.

Don’t wait for a tournament or other outside force to call on this type of determination. Draw from within all the time. It’s what separates successful people from others. NOT smarts; NOT money (okay maybe money a little); NOT more skill; plain ole self-determination is 90% of success in my opinion.

You’ve done a lot; marketing is the backbone of ebook publishing success. Many think it’s the writing, but that’s the easy part. Marketing is where the real work comes in and you’ve put in some sweat equity.

Hope you enjoyed your well-deserved break. 🙂

From Participant EbookTourney32

Hi Yuwanda

Just checking in quickly. I’ve been busy working on my ebook but it took longer than expected. I’m now in the middle of registering a new domain name, uploading everything to the internet and doing some marketing.

But I only have 2 1/2 days to make a sale. Will I make it? I’m going to have a damn good try.

My comment: Use direct marketing at this stage (eg, placing classified ads, uploading content to “immediate response” sites like AssociatedContent.com and Hubpages.com to get a sale quickly.

The main thing is you finished and got a product ready that you can market. Way to go!

Good luck with finishing up everything (eg, uploading, registering new domain, etc.).

From Participant EbookTourney11

Finding enough quality content is becomng my waterloo .  I’m concerned about my ebook’s the lack of length.  I know the idea has value.  It also has validity.  It’s just massaging my presentation of existing information within my experience.  More research? 

Senior citizen material is rampant out there.  We’ve feel we lived thru so much; it takes a different “hook” to catch our attention and make us want to purchase another how-to or guide. 

Hmm-m, the qualities mentioned above can become my guide to move beyond this wall.  It’s most definitely a wall.  

Take care everyone.  With the will to produce, we can each complete this chosen self-assignment 🙂 

Yuwanda, take care of you.  Outside with you, woman, outside in the forever-soothing sun and sea.  

Walk and breathe in, dear Lady.  Feel the awesome crunchy sand, tropical air, lapping H2O, on your skin.   


My comment: Don’t worry about length, as I’ve talked about before. If you’re stuck in this area, get personal. Tell YOUR story; why you wrote the book, what problems you think it addresses, how YOU handled a particular situation.

This is one of the best ways to connect with readers, and it usually gives you so much more material than you think you have.

Good luck in the home stretch, and thanks for the words of care. I take very good care of myself. Although I’m bone tired these days (these last two weeks have been something boy, but oh, how rewarding on so many levels).

I owe YOU guys a lot; a lot. You’ve made me realize just how much what I try to do day in and day out matters. There’s no price to be put on that.

From Participant EbookTourney23

I’ve slowed down but I’m not giving up! Have had other projects to attend to, as others have. But I *am* gonna finish this thing!

My comment: Now that’s the spirit!

From Participant EbookTourney18

Hey Yawanda.

Here’s an update for my status in the ebook tourney:

Day 5: Two more chapters
Day 6: Two chapters + finished up!
Day 7: Upload!

Unfortunately my marketing plans will be delayed, because my mother is in the hospital. I’m sitting here with her right now.

Sorry everything is so late. I’m all caught up now.


My comment: I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. I hope it’s not serious and that she’ll recover fully soon.

In situations like these, you realize what’s really important. And, an ebook writing deadline is nowhere on this list. Be there for your mom (and take care of yourself), and join us again when you can. Prayer sent up. 🙂

From Participant EbookTourney29

Hi Yuwanda,

I never know when to send my emails so I just checked and Botswana is 7hrs ahead of Negril so, you must just be just rising.

Okay, today I made writing the e-book my priority and everything else is sort of on hold or at least, I am writing in-between everything. The main thing is I’m getting my writing done. Like you said, just WRITE and I am.

So to etourney 25 (who seems to be in a similar dilemma as myself) I’m your number one cheerleader, let’s do it!

Despite everything, I am truly enjoying this experience. It is why I wake up.

Best wishes

My comment: I’m so glad to see that you took this simple advice to heart. Sometimes, just putting pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) is enough to get the creative juices flowing. I have to say, this works for me about 90% of the time.

Good luck and can’t wait to hear how it all turned out for you.

From Participant EbookTourney4

Didn’t get home ‘til late. Am very tired. Just spent researching keywords for article. Will write tomorrow.


My comment:
You’re on track. Get some rest, but stay the course. 🙂

My Progress

Finished my ebook today. Didn’t do the sales page because we had some internet outages here in Negril, and I had some other tasks to attend to. Tomorrow, will upload everything, do the sales page and hit marketing hard.

As we only have a couple of days left, I’ll be doing some “direct hit” marketing. For me, this means sending out my ebook to my newsletter subscribers and submitting stuff to sites like AssociatedContent.com and Hubpages.com. Also, I’ll place some free classified ads on backpage and a few other sites.

As always, you guys rock! I can’t believe how many of you have done so much – with all of the other stuff you’ve had to contend with. I mean, there are busy moms here; full-time workers who write in the evenings when the family is in bed; those dealing with storms that leave palm fronds and bird poo to be cleaned up; car accidents; moms in hospital; etc.

And yet, you still manage to stay on track and even when you fall a bit behind, you redouble your efforts.

You guys are my heroes; I bow to you.

Now, I’m going to put in a DVD of the Golden Girls and let them watch me as I drift off to sleep.

Hasta manana compadres!


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Ebook Publishing: How to Write an Ebook in 3 Days, Market It & Start Getting Sales within a Week — Day 7 of 11


Market, market and market some more. That’s your assignment for the rest of the week; do at least one marketing thing per day (more if you can). And of course, let me know when you get a sale so we can all do a cyber jig to your success!

We’re heading into the home stretch guys. I think I’m gonna get a little weepy when this ebook publish and writing tournament is over. I feel like I’m sending my kiddies “out into the world” (sniff, sniff).

Anyway, here’s what you all are experiencing during this home stretch. Fewer responses today, but I’m gonna assume it’s because you guys are marketing, right? NoteLearn what this ebook writing tournament is all about and read all posts in this series.


From Participant EbookTourney7

ebookHi Yuwanda,

Just getting to day 6 now. Today I got my table of contents written, my sales page written, set copyright info on all pages, stuck a fork in it and called it done.

I learned how to convert a word file into a .pdf file, and did so with my little e-book! I also wrote an extra blog post, ready for the morning, with a table of contents from the book as a teaser. I read the home page on Ejunkie so I could at least be a little familiar with it.

I do not have a “monetizing” website yet, and I have never made one in my life. I bought a domain and host from GoDaddy as you suggested, but I had to transfer funds into my PayPal account so I can purchase the Website Tonight product and the ebook cover.

I am also going to have to create accounts with all of these article promoters. I’ve never done that either, so I’ve got a learning curve there as well.

I’m really excited about all this, because this is going to put me in the running as a real freelance writer that actually has a clue. 🙂 As we all are, thank you so very much for your mentoring.

My comment:
It’s okay to have a steep learning curve. Knowing what you don’t know is half the battle to tackling it and becoming knowledgeable. This is the part where most stall and why they never see their dreams to fruition.

But you seem more than willing to tackle it all, which is great. Remember to be patient with yourself. You’ll get stuck, you’ll have to do more research than you ever thought was possible to figure out even the simplest things sometimes, you’ll get frustrated, you’ll want to give up (you will). But, don’t!

I can tell you from personal experience that there’s nothing like learning how to do something on your own. It’s like putting insurance for your success in a toolbox — a toolbox you can pull out any time to help you build your ladder to success.

Once you have the knowledge, no one can take it from you, and it’s a building block to the next stage. So stick with it; you’ll be so glad you did as you get more and more into ebook publishing, marketing on the web in general, freelance writing, etc.

From Participant EbookTourney26

First correspondence

Hi Yuwanda,
Kudos on the e-book. I didn’t get started on my book; however, it’s going to be a longer process because it’s going to be a kit and it will take several months to develop the content and materials.

However, since I’ve never written a book before I found a nice outline to get me started. Maybe you host another challenge in the spring. Thanks so much. You’re the best.

Second correspondence

You are absolutely a dynamo! (RE marketing content I sent out to course participants).

My comment: Be careful not to get stuck in the planning phase of the “process.” Set a daily/weekly goal for writing content. This way you’ll be making progress all the time.

Thanks as always for the kudos. It really does mean the world to me.

From Participant EbookTourney10

Was in a car accident yesterday. Due to be released from hospital today. I’ve sketched out my marketing plan & edited my book.

A lil’ aching and tired. I will post tomorrow.

My comment: Very sorry to hear about this (as I emailed you earlier). Hope you’re feeling better and are back on your feet soon. Don’t rush it. Ebook writing challenged be damned! Remember health and well being first, ok?

My Progress

 I spent almost the whole day dealing with the situation outlined in the post, Backpage Auto Posting Software Scam, Scam Site Targeting Freelance Writers & Advice for Freelance Writers on What to Do If Someone Steals Your Content.

Tomorrow I’ve slated to do two things: (i) the aforementioned newsletter; and (ii) finish sales page, editing and uploading my ebook. If I’m gonna get a sale by Friday, I MUST finish all of this tomorrow.

Yep, home stretch indeed!


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